Stonemason Melbourne

Stone Interiors specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of Stoneworks .

Our absolute focus is on quality and serviceWe have developed a reputation as a business that delivers to the very highest standard .

We work with regular clients who share our passion for great craftmanship and who expect the best quality finish on any Kitchen don't matter the cost ,clients of ours who have worked with us for many years and know that at Stone Interiors they have a partner who will always go the extra mile to deliver something special .

Artsy, sophisticated, talented - these are the qualities you must be seeking from a stonemason you want to hire in Melbourne. You will get all of these and so much more if you choose Stone Interiors, a leading stonemason in Melbourne, serving clients with our impeccable and exquisite product range!

Our stonework masterpieces are more than pieces of admiration; they will provide superb functionality in whatever setting they are placed in ,
as countertops in kitchens and bathrooms or as fireplaces or pool surrounds.

Being an expert stonemason in Melbourne, we focus on the durability and reliability of our products so that they meet your expectations and last with you for long. All our products are customisable – in terms of shape, design, size and style. This is because we want our products to be a perfect fit in your property – becoming the perfect home or commercial set-up improvement solutions. We can build for you, top quality:

  •  - Countertops;
  •  - Fireplaces and fireplace surrounds;
  •  - Mantel pieces;
  •  - Shelves;
  •  - Kitchen Bench-tops and workstations;
  •  - Table tops;
  •  - Spa and pool surrounds, etc.

In case you are building a new home or commercial set-up, and you want it to have the latest and the trendiest look and feel, we can help you create a totally contemporary outlook in all your rooms by providing designs that are sure to add some panache to your property’s interior. We are willing to work closely with your contractor such that the entire project looks seamless and all the features of your home look properly gelled together.

Since we focus on customer satisfaction, we make sure to deliver on the promised date. This way we make sure that we do not become a reason for delay in the construction of your property.

We will be willing to share our wisdom as a stonemason with our Melbourne clients and guide them through the process of stone selection. We can let you know whether the stone you want to select will stand the test of time or not. We will also give you ideas concerning its designing and shaping and show you a way of its application which will allow you to enjoy its optimum utilisation.

Show Us Your Kitchen Plans

If you have your kitchen plans ready you can send them to us via fax or email and we will have one of our experienced staff quote you on the stone of your choice. If you don't currently have a kitchen plan we will be more than happy to come to your house, measure and quote your kitchen.

Stone Benchtops from Manufacturing to Installation

Once you have chosen the stone for your benchtop we will give you a firm quote so you will know exactly how much your kitchen benchtop will cost with no surprises later on. On acceptance of the quote and receipt of the deposit (to secure the cost of your stone) we will consult with your builder or cabinet maker (if you have one) and arrange to pick up an exact template of your kitchen benchtop. Then we will get started manufacturing your benchtop and get your kitchen completed and installed within an agreed time frame. 

We work alongside cabinet makers if you are in need of a quality cabinet maker please let us know we can point you in the right direction.